Hello and Welcome to Komunity Werk
We’re Komunity Werk. An emerging design agency that crafts exceptional websites and brands. Also voted most likely to ask to pet your dog...

What we do

We push the boundaries in design to craft innovative solutions that not only help a company grow and evolve but positiviely impact the communities around us. We are here to bring people together through the power of design.
Purposeful, engaging, forward thinking design.
Building user friendly solutions that are innovative and elegant.
Exploratative planning and processes to ensure long term growth.
Brand Design. It's more than just your visual look, it's your voice to those around you. Let us help you build yours.
Komunity Werk - Service Web Design
Web Design. Your website should feel like the user has stepped through a doorway to your brand. Let's craft an unforgettable experience.
Komunity Werk - Service UI Design
UI/UX Design. Show users you’re committed to their well-being from the very first interaction by ensuring you have an intuitive product.

The komunity. Just a few of our wonderful clients.

Why we do it

Komunity Werk: Value - The Komunity
The Komunity
People are at the core of why we do what we do. Great design brings people together and we can build great things for the community when we do it right.
Komunity Werk: Value - Dream Builders
Dream Builders
We love dreams, the impossible and the daunting. We constantly push the boundaries, delivering innovative and thoughtful solutions.
Komunity Werk: Value - More like a Partner
More like a Partner
We look at it as more than just working with you but collaborating with you in crafting exceptional stories that are impactful for the growth of not only the organization but it's community.

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